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The Canadian Beef Advantage

Canadian Beef Export

BeIN BUSINESS offers Canadian Beef products directly from ranchers and feedlots. We provide the highest quality

Canadian Angus Beef destined for export to Mexico and other Latin America locations. 


Export to Mexico

- Business development solutions for Canadian Beef sales in Mexico 

- Distribution solutions for Canadian Beef sales in Mexico


Canadian Beef sales in Mexico

- Highest quality Canadian Angus Beef under thirty months of age, grain finished for at least 90 days, ractopamine-free,  

  froze, boneless. Grading AA or higher. Inspected and approved for export by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

- Customized packaging & product orders. Flexible labeling options 


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Accurate and Efficient Information Transfer

RFID TAGS Each RFID tag has a unique number assigned by the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA).


Only approved CCIA RFID tags may be used.

How Does the System Work?

  1. An approved CCIA RFID tag must be applied to the animal’s ear prior to leaving its herd of origin;

  2. All RFID tags are visually and electronically embedded with a unique identification number that is allocated from the national database

  3. The national RFID tag distribution network securely reports all tag issuance records directly to the CLTS database;

  4. The unique number of each individual animal is maintained to the point of export or carcass inspection for traceability purposes. The CLTS database maintains all historical records of unique animal identification data.

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Let us help you find Canadian beef products that meet the needs of your inquiry. If you have questions about buying/importing Canadian beef products, please contact us at
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A  wealth of experience, international business acumen, country-specific business culture skills, comprehensive knowledge of the Latin and North America markets, and outside the box solutions in challenging business environments.

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Col. Juárez, Ciudad de México, 06600

+52 55-5207-0135


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Calgary, AB T2T 0A4, Canada

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